Ulm, Germany

The Neutor Bridge (Neutorbrücke) is a 112-metre-long bridge built in Ulm at the beginning of the 20th century. The structure has been declared historical monument in 1988. Due to its key location, the bridge provides a direct a connection to the city center and train station. Consequently, four main bus lines pass over the bridge, resulting in a bus passing every 2.5 minutes.

Project Requirements

In 2014 the City Council decided that the bridge has to undergo urgent repairs of the waterproofing and the resurfacing of the driveway. A total closure of the bridge from October 6th to October 19th has been decided.

Sika Solutions

Sika Germany GmbH contacted the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the city of Ulm to present a new solution for the waterproofing of the 650 m2 deck of the Neutor Bridge: Sika HANV Rapid. HANV (Hohlraumreichen Asphalttraggerüst mit Nachträglicher Verfüllung) is a waterproofing system based on an open pore asphalt matrix, followed by saturation/sealing process with an epoxy resin. Sika® Ergodur-600 is a flexible and robust epoxy resin used to fill the pores of porous asphalt. Sikalastic®-827 HT hotmelt aggregate is then applied to the wet Sika® Ergodur-600 layer to provide perfect adhesion and shear strength and to receive the hot applied asphalt overlay.

Products Used

Sika® Ergodur-600
Sikalastic®-827 HT

Project Participants

City of Ulm Department of Transport Infrastructure


Leonhard Weiss GmbH, Goeppingen

Sika Organization

Sika Germany GmbH