Throughout the lifetime of a structure, changes in use, increases in loads or changes in construction norms may make reinforcement necessary. With composite materials, Sika offers effective solutions that have been developed for uses in the field of structural reinforcement. Whether it is for the improvement of resistance to bending, shear force or compression, in reinforced or pre-stressed concrete, Sika has the appropriate solutions.

Strengthening Structures Meet Different Objectives




  • Restore the structure to its initial capacities (insufficient reinforcement, degradation, corrosion, etc.)
  • Bring back into compliance or follow the evolution of standards
  • Give the structure a new state of service by increasing its bearing capacity or by modifying its structure (opening of the hopper, etc.).

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Illustration of concrete and brick building interior wall and beams reinforced with structural strengthening carbon fiber plates
Illustration of concrete and brick building interior and column reinforced with structural strengthening fiber FRP fabric


Slats, Rods and Preformed Elements

The Sika CarboDur® System is the most widely recognized and established carbonfiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) strengthening solution available worldwide.

Selection Guide

Sika Areas of use  Sika Carbodur® S SikaWrap® SikaWrap®-FX-50
Epoxy Adhesives Bonding / Surfacing Bonding / Impregnation Impregnation / Sealing 
Sikadur®-30 X    
Sikadur®-330 / -300   X  
Sika Anchorfix®-3030     X
Sikadur®-52     X

Cementitious Fireproofing