Why is Concrete Curing & Finishing Important?

The final stage of any new construction project is the finishing phase. The finished details are what truly counts to bring the project from raw structure to a livable, usable, beautiful space. From interior walls to facades, from tiny joints to huge floor areas, Sika can help finish the job with solutions that are durable, long-lasting, protective, and stunning.

After final finishing, the concrete surface must be kept continuously wet or sealed to prevent evaporation for a period of at least seven days. The earlier the curing can start the better it is for the concrete. Curing is a moisture management balancing act.


Curing is the term used to describe the technique of preventing early water-loss out of concrete. Curing plays an extremely important role ion the concrete's strength development, improving concrete properties and durability.

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Curing the concrete has a significant influence on the strength, abrasion resistance and final quality of the wearing surface. In addition, curing reduces the risk of cracking, crazing, curling and dusting. The main purpose of curing is to maintain favorable conditions under which concrete hardens (hydrates) and continues to gain strength and wear resistance. Proper curing is especially important in concrete slabs with large exposed surface areas in relation to their volume. 

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