A PERFECTLY EVEN AND SMOOTH FLOOR SUBSTRATE surface plays an important role in the final result and service life of the floor, no matter what kind of floor covering will be installed over it. Sika supplies self-leveling cementitious underlayments whose outstanding performance has been proven in construction projects in residential and non-industrial environments.

What are the advantages of Self-Levelling Products?

Self-leveling cementitious compounds can quickly even out large floor surfaces and require minimal effort. After the product is mixed with water according to the product data sheet, it is poured over the uneven substrate of the floor. Self-leveling compounds have a thinner consistency than other types of cement screeds, and they easily fill uneven areas.

  1. Outstanding flow and leveling properties
  2. Optimized shrinkage
  3. Flat surfaces can be easily achieved, even in thin layers
  4. Suitable for multi-purpose application
  5. Quick over-coating is possible
  6. Emissions and green building programs certified
  7. Applicator safety with dust-reduced formulations