Harbour Square Park West, Toronto

Sundial Folly Restoration


Project informations

  • Projet location : HarbourSquare Park West, Toronto
  • Date of the project : September to december 2021
  • Duration of the project : Approximately 4 months
  • Project size : Few concrete curb repairs, and two locations of precast sphere used Sika products. 
  • Contractors: Quinn Dressel Associates (consulting structural engineers) 


Project description

The artwork ‘Sundial Folly’  built in 1995 in Harbour Square Park in Toronto, is based on the art work of Jhon Fung and Paul Figueiro. The structure needed repair and rehabilitation . The goal of this project was to bring the piece back to its intended state for the public to continue enjoying for years to come. Some structural cracking had occurred at the two central precast sphere support points, which required intervention. Other issues such as graffiti and deterioration of metal elements were also attended to as part of the restoration process.

** You can see on the picture to the right, the damage that needed to be fixed at the two central precast sphere support point. **


Challenges Encountered

The material for the precast concrete sphere repairs had to be suitable for a structural repair (i.e. to transfer loading as part of an integral element supporting the piece), while blending in as much as possible to the colour of the existing precast sphere so as not to detract from the aesthetic appeal of the piece.

You can see on those pictures the result after the application of the Sika products.


Why these Sika products were chosen


Suitability for structural repair and aesthetic appeal of good colour matching with existing precast elements. Since this construction was made a while a go, the challenge was to make sure that the repairs products blends well with the original structure.