UltraCure NCF


UltraCure NCF (Natural Cellulose Fabric) single-use wet curing blankets provide constant and thorough hydration while maintaining a 100 % relative humidity condition on the slab for a curing period of seven (7) days resulting in less surface discolouration and a more evenly cured concrete slab.

  • Rolls come with fabric side out, making it easy to install
  • Taping the seams is not required
  • Absorbs and distributes water evenly over the
    entire slab surface
  • Features an opaque reflective poly backing which provides visual confirmation that the slab remains wet for the entire curing period
  • Reduction of material, labour, re-wetting time, storage, and transportation costs that are involved when using traditional wet cure methods
  • Increases concrete strength and durability
  • Reduces permeability of concrete, cracking, crazing, dusting, and efflorescence
  • Improves abrasion resistance
  • Helps prevent plastic shrinkage cracking