SikaGrout®-300 PT

High-Performance, Zero-Bleed, Sand-Free, Cementitious Grout

  • Sand-free allows filling and repairing of voids within ducts of post-tensioned structures.
  • Prepackaged by an ISO 9001/9002 approved company ensures consistency of manufactured material.
  • Does not contain aluminum powder nor any components which generate hydrogen gas, cardon dioxide or oxygen.
  • Silica fume enhanced for low permeability.
  • For additional corrosion protection, 75 mL (2.5 fl. oz) of Sika FerroGard 901 may be substituted for 75 mL (2.5 fl. oz) of mixing water for each 22.7 kg (50 lb) bag of SikaGrout 300 PT.
  • Easy to use; just add water.
  • Non-metallic; will not stain or rust. Non-corrosive; does not contain chlorides.
  • Zero bleed, even at high flow.
  • Excellent for pumping: Does not segregate, even at high flow. No build-up on equipment hopper.
  • Superior freeze/thaw resistance.
  • Meets CRD C 621 and ASTM C1107 (Grade C).
  • Ministère des Transports du Québec acceptance.
SikaGrout®-300 PT