Sikacrete®-211 Flow Plus

Sikacrete®-211 Flow PLUS is a pre-packaged, ready-to-use, flowable, cement-based concrete, usable for concrete thicknesses exceeding 25 mm (1 in). Sikacrete®-211 Flow PLUS contains special additives designed to improve the ease of use and facilitate surface finishing.

  • Contains integral corrosion inhibitor based on proven technology.
  • Can be pumped or poured.
  • Enhanced with 5 % content of Silica fume.
  • Good freeze/thaw resistance.
  • High bond strength.
  • Not a vapour barrier.
  • Easily applied to clean, sound substrates.
  • Compatible with coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete.
  • Increased resistance to deicing salts.
  • Formulated with inert, non-reactive aggregates to eliminate potential Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity (AAR) and the need to extend the product in the field with non-compliant aggregates.
Sikacrete®-211 Flow Plus