SikaTop®-111 Plus


SikaTop®-111 Plus is a polymer-modified, with migrating corrosion inhibitor added, cementitious, 2-component, fast-setting, free-flowing mortar. It self-levels on flat slabs, moves easily into “hard to get” places under equipment and supports, between piping pillars and block-outs.

  • Superior abrasion resistance over conventional cement mortar
  • High bond strength ensures superior adhesion
  • Compatible with thermal coefficient of expansion of concrete
  • Increased resistance to de-icing salts
  • High early strength
  • Easily applied to clean, sound substrates
  • High compressive and flexural strengths
  • Good freeze/thaw resistance
  • Will not corrode stressed steel
  • Formulated with inert, non-reactive aggregates to eliminate potential Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity (AAR)
  • Not a vapour barrier
  • Not flammable
  • Meets MTO MI-67 specification for concrete patching materials
  • Meets AT B391 specification for concrete patching materials
  • NSF-ANSI 61 potable water contact-approved formula available by special order only
  • Product recognized by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation (BC MoT)
  • Approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO)
  • Approved by the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ)
  • Product qualified by The Road Authority (TRA)
  • Meets the requirements of CFIA and USDA for use in food plants