Sikagard® A-28 Lo-VOC

Sikagard® A-28 Lo-VOC is a clear, ‘wet look’ acrylic (methacrylate resin) sealer. Using proven technology, the coating has been formulated to be VOC compliant while providing protection to concrete and masonry surfaces.

  • Supplied ready to use, no additions or dilution required.
  • Easy to apply, typically self priming and therefore economical.
  • Excellent weathering performance, resisting ultra violet light, wind erosion and general exposure.
  • Effective barrier to the ingress of water, carbon dioxide, pollutants and chloride ions.
  • Resistant to a wide range of weak acidic and alkaline solutions.
  • Breathable, allowing vapour diffusion in accordance with building physics.
  • Good inter-coat adhesion allows for repair and simple re-coating after cleaning.
  • East to clean and clear ‘wet look’ decorative properties, particularly as long term sealer for stone/concrete or exposed aggregate surfaces, or for low traffic areas such as driveways.
  • Approved by Alberta Transportation as a Type 2a clear coating suitable for use on non-traffic bearing surfaces, such as parapets and curbs.
  • Complies with the VOC legislation.