Sikagard® Color A-50 VOC

Advanced Generation, VOC Compliant, Pigmented Acrylic Sealer for Concrete and Masonry Structures.

  • VOC compliant; satisfying environmental regulations.
  • Supplied ready to use: no additions or dilution required
  • Easy to apply, typically self priming and therefore economical.
  • Excellent weathering properties; resisting ultra violet light degradation, wind erosion and the effects of exposure.
  • Extremely resistant to the ingress of water, carbon dioxide and atmospheric pollutants.
  • Superior protection against chloride ions providing corrosion management of reinforced structures.
  • Unaffected by weak solvents, such as mineral spirits and napthas.
  • Resists weak alkalis and weak mineral acids.
  • Vapour permeable, allowing buildings to ‘breathe’.
  • Excellent decorative properties, including resistance to fading, chipping and flaking.
  • Ministry of Transport Québec acceptance.
  • Alberta Transportation approved as per Specification B388: Type 3 concrete sealers for non-traffic bearing surfaces.
  • Product qualified by The Road Authority (TRA).