Sarnafastener #14


Sarnafastener #14 is a threaded drill point fastener used within Sarnafil® and Sikaplan® roof systems to attach Sarnafil® S 327 Membrane, Sikaplan® Fastened Membrane or Sarnatherm® insulation, Sarnatherm roof boards, gypsum roof boards, or other Sika approved boards into structural concrete ((208.3 - 223.2 kg/m) 140 - 150 lb/ft), wood plank ((min. 3.81 cm) min. 1-1/2 in), or wood sheathing ((> 1.19 cm) > 15/32 in).

  • Deep threads for high pullout resistance.
  • Extra sharp spade point for quick installation in new or reroof applications.
  • In concrete applications, fastener may be reversed out of predrilled hole without damaging the deck.