Criteria The Sika Sarnafil Advantage
DOCUMENTED SERVICE LIFE  Thermoplastic membrane with the longest track record in roofing and waterproofing.
RECYCLABLE INTO NEW ROOFING MEMBRANE Vinyl membranes are readily recyclable into new membranes.
ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL MEMBRANE PROGRAM 100% membrane production waste recycled.
ROOF TAKE-BACK PROGRAM Established roof membrane recycling program.
ENERGY STAR®-QUALIFIED The EnergySmart Roof exceeds ENERGY STAR cool roofing requirements. 
CRADLE-TO-GRAVE ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATIONS Sika Sarnafil has Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that go from the beginning to the complete end of the product life cycle.
ROOF INSULATION MINIMUM OF R-20 Sarnatherm insulation available in a wide variety of configurations to meet building specific requirements.
3RD PARTY VERIFIED 35 YEAR SERVICE LIFE  BBA+Athena 35+ years 3rd Party Verified.
LESS THAN 50% OIL BASED 57% of vinyl resin is derived from salt.
LIFE-CYCLE ANALYSIS Vinyl roofing membranes rated highest in eco-efficiency amongst competing products.
NSF/ANSI 347 CERTIFICATION Sika Sarnafil single-ply S 327 and G 410 roofing membranes earned the highest possible certification to NSF/ANSI 347.
CARBON OFFSETTING The energy savings resulting from the use of the EnergySmart Roof more than offset the carbon emissions caused by membrane production.
RESIST SPREAD OF FIRE Vinyl membranes perform better in resisting spread of fire than other single-ply membranes.
ISO 14001 CERTIFIED We take pride in our internationally recognized certifications.