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Sarnacol® LRA

Sarnacol LRA is a high quality, widely compatible adhesive for a variety of insulation board stocks which require bonding to roofing substrates prior to the installation of Sika® Sarnafil® membranes. It is supplied for manual or machine application, mixes in static mixing nozzles used for dispensing the material and is fast-acting in its rate of cure. The lowrise adhesive will attach most insulation types to a variety of roof deck substrates and is suitable for multiple insulation layers also. Sarnacol LRA is a fully integrated component of Sika® Sarnafil® insulated roofing systems and performs to the high standards associated with Sika.

  • Easy and quick to apply for high productivity and reduced installation times.
  • Odour and noise-free installation eliminates disturbance to building occupants.
  • Compatible with many insulation board stocks and common roofing substrates.
  • Fast chemical cure which is not reliant upon external elements to react.
  • Allows insulation / cover boards to be walked into place without need for weights.
  • Provides durable adhesion of boards, even in multiple layers.
  • Super-low VOC content contributing to LEED® Canada credits.
  • Wind uplift resistance rating in accordance with CSA.123.21-14
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