Calgary, Canada

Hampton Court

Hampton Court

Project details

  • Project Location : Calgary, Alberta
  • Project start : July 2022
  • Project duration : 2 months 
  • Project size : 10,715 ft2
  • Contactors : Flat Roofing Ltd

Project description

Some of the most commonly used flat roofing membranes require regular maintenance to joints, seams, and specially details where membranes are installed around irregular corners and shapes. Sikalastic® RoofPro developed by Sika provides a robust finish to address full adhesion over coping and flashings and down into drains ensuring seamless and renewable protection.

Hampton Court
Hampton Court

Challenges encountered

High rise roofs in cities provide challenges when the roof has reached the effective end of its design life. Choices have to be made for tear off and removal which is difficult and costly to shut down city blocks and remove these systems to landfill.

Why this product was chosen?

Hampton Court

Sikalastic® RoofPro eliminates the need for costly tear off and disposal by encapsulating all the sound components of the existing roofing assembly, saving costs and inconvenience to the owners.

Therefore, it was used to ensure seamless and renewable protection with the added benefit of saving the roofs from landfill indefinitely as they will never need to be removed or replace.