KEIM Design Lasur

Ready-to-use pigmented mineral stain (Lasur) concentrate, sol-silicate based according to DIN EN 1062-1, which is used in combination with KEIM Design-Base and KEIM Design-Dilution (Fixativ) to create translucent and opaque wall designs with an intensive mineral character. KEIM Design-Lasur also complies with DIN 18 363, 2.4.1, silicate emulsion paint and DIN EN 1504-2/2.2. Brilliant and absolutely lightfast due to inorganic colour pigments. Resistant to weathering and environmental influences.

Surfaces designed with the KEIM Design-Lasur-System are:

  • Light-fast, will not fade
  • Weather resistant
  • Resistant to environmental influences
  • Mineral matt finish that lasts
  • LEED certified