Whether it is a mass masonry wall, siding, chimney or foundation, the repointing process remains much the same.

Repointing involves removing the deteriorated part of the existing mortar and replacing it with a new mortar which will have the same physical and esthetics characteristics as the original mortar. Repointing can be partial or complete.

In order to help you in the section of the new mortar, it is important to:

  1. Know the construction date of the project to be restored and;
  2. Know the cause of the deterioration of the original mortar.

Knowing the construction date of the project will allow you to potentially identify the type of binder that was originally used.

On the other hand, knowing the cause(s) of the deterioration will allow you to validate whether the use of the same type of binder is desirable or if it would be preferable to make modifications to the design of the project before undertaking repointing work.

Remember that it is possible to use more than one type of mortar or binder on the same project.


Is it a facade or mass masonry?

Has the building environment changed?

Are de-icing salts used near the facade or wall?

Is there are heating source on any side of the facade?

What time of year is the work scheduled for?

Is there an available water source nearby?

Does the team that will carry out the work have the required experience?