Québec, Canada

Fortifications de Québec

Project Information

  • Project Location : Quebec city, Canada
  • Project start : Fall 2021
  • Project duration : 2 years 
  • Project size  : 2000 x 30 kg bags of Masonmix 600
  • Owner :  Government of Canada
  • Consulting Engineering Firm : Tetra Tech inc.
  • Contractor: Briquetal Ltée

Project Description

The work mainly concerned, depending on the situation, the repointing, replacement or repair of components such as: facing stones, core and mortar, coping wood, drainage system and membranes as well as the granular filter material.



As the jobsite was located on a historical site, the work was interrupted a few occasions by the interventions of archaeologists.

Why these products?


As the fortifications were designed in the 18th - 19th  century, it is important to use a product with the same properties as the one used in the past. 

Characterised by its formulation containing a high concentration of hydrated lime, the MasonMix 600 mortar was chosen amongst other things for its self-healing properties and its high vapour transmission rate to ensure compatibility with the masonry system already in place.