Injecting micro-cracks with specialized grouts is a relatively simple and economical way to preserve natural stones. This technique eliminates the need to replace the stones.

The sand that is used in conventional mortars is too coarse to allow suitable penetration into the masonry unit and is therefore not recommended to be used as an injection grout in micro-cracks.

On the other hand, expoxies are not UV stable and can discolour over time, making the restoration not aesthetically pleasing. Therefore the use of specialized grouts, with excellent fluidity, combined with technical properties is recommended.


Products specially developed for filling micro-cracks in natural stone, are perfectly suitablefor sealing the micro-cracks found in architectural concrete strutures.


■ For cracks from 0.05 mm to 2 mm: Reconstec 700F
■ For cracks from 2.5 mm to 5 mm: Reconstec 700M