■ Different colours and textures;
■ Different linear coefficient of thermal expansion;
■ Different porosity


Natural stone repair in place is possible and can avoid potential costs or delays associated with larger scale replacements. All natural stones differ from one family to another (ie. sandstone to limestone) and some things to consider when selecting the right repair material are: colour, texture, porosity and linear coefficient of thermal expansion.

Based on the differences between natural stones, no one product is suitable for all types of stones. With this, a product needs to be selected which offers the same physical properties as the original stone. Since no two stone repair projects are the same, no ready-to-use, off the shelf products will work. If provided a sample of the stone, our lab can match colour and other physical properties.


■ Be sure to provide a sample that is representative of the work to be performed.
■ The permeability of a natural stone is not evaluated in terms of Perms but as a percentage of porosity.


■ For Sandstone: Reconstec 200 and Reconstec 250

■ For Limestone: Reconstec 300 and Reconstec 350