Sika mortar is offered in a wide range of attractive shades. We recommend bringing our colour chart to the job-site, to confirm that the selected colour perfectly matches the masonry unit in question. (You can, of course, also choose the desired shade from the comfort of your office!) Regardless of the approach you adopt, you are sure to find an attractive hue that will keep its shine for the life of your project. To offer you the best possible quality in terms of colour, Sika relies on iron oxide pigments.

All Sika mortar products can be coloured, meaning we can supply a mortar that will meet all of your requirements

Coloured Mortars Sample Panel

Combining basic colours, as well as some colours obtained by addition of iron oxide pigment, our sample panel includes our 14 most popular colours on the market. Those panels are available for reference in our distribution network.

Coloured Mortars Sample Box

This sample box includes 42 colours combining both the basic colours and several other colours obtained by addition of iron oxide pigment. Those boxes are available for reference in our distribution network and in the material libraries of leading architectural firms.

If the standard colours do not meet your specific requirements, a custom colour will be the perfect solution. Just send us the masonry unit in question and we will produce a colour that matches your specifications exactly. A minimum order may be necessary in such a case, and we ask that you please allow at least two weeks for delivery. 

Contact your local Sika Representative today! Coloured mortar is available in small, 30 KG bags or in bulk packages of 1,500 KG.