Mineral stains and paints are used in construction since the latter half of the 19th century. They are essentially produced with the same raw materials that make up the substrates on which they will be applied. They penetrate the masonry and concrete surfaces to form a permanent covalent bond within the substrate. This way, they become an integral part of the support and therefore they cannot lose their bond to the substrate.

What are their advantages?

  • High vapour permeability (substrates can breathe)
  • High resistance to micro-organisms
  • Grime resistant 
  • Non-flammable   
  • UV-stable

What is the secret of a good paint?

The secret to a good paint is its binder. We differentiate mineral binders from organic binders. The most durable inorganic binder is potassium silicate. Inorganic binders chemically react with the mineral support (render, stone, concrete, clay, etc.) to create a durable and insoluble bond between the paint and the support. Concerned about always offering the best products on the market, Sika is pleased to partner with KEIM, a global company founded in 1878, to offer the best potassium silicate based paint available