KING MasonMix

KING MasonMix is a pre-mixed and pre-bagged type O mortar specially designed to be usedwhen laying masonry units in non-load-bearing wall applications. This product is composed of Portland cement type GU, natural type S lime, masonry sand with controlled particle size and an air entraining agent. The MasonMix complies with the property descriptions in Tabl A3 of the CSA A standard 179-14 (Annex A, Table A3) for a type O mortar. It is grey or cream in color, and may be colored in the factory or on the job site using the Colour Plus System exclusive to KING.

  • Good water vapor transmission properties
  • Excellent workability
  • Low compressive strength
  • Autogenous healing properties
  • Premixed, which reduces time mixing on site, ensures good proportions and a homogeneous mortar throughout the project