What are the advantages of using Sika Decorative Flooring Solutions?

  • Decorative flooring systems give you design freedom to create anything that matches your expectations for aesthetics, durability and worry-free maintenance.
  • We promise superior mechanical and chemical resistance, low maintenance, low VOC and odor, and a cleaner, safer, more comfortable work environment.
  • Liquid-applied decorative flooring systems are hygienic solutions because they cure to provide a completely seamless, smooth floor with no cracks, gaps or joints - even where there are color changes in the design or between floor and wall transitions.
  • Selected systems integrate a soft elastic material that reduces echoing, the disturbing noise of footsteps and falling objects and make for a comfortable step. 
  • Our comfort floors may contribute to points in Green Building Certification programs such as LEED, BREEAM, HQE (France) and the DGNB (Germany).
  • For systems which are installed directly onto prepared concrete, the entire installation takes only three days.
  • To renew an existing decorative floor or to change the color or design of the floor, the easiest way is to repaint the floor with an additional thin layer. This process is convenient and helps to keep maintenance costs low.