London, Ontario

Toromont Caterpillar needed to replace the existing floor of a service bay area for heavy-duty construction equipment at its London facility.

Project details

Sika Technical Sales Representative

Bryan McKee

[email protected]


Metro Concrete 


Toromont Caterpillar


September 2014


3 weeks


50 Enterprise Dr. London (ON )


Approx. 280 m2 (3 000 ft2)

Project requirements

The Owner needed a floor system that would withstand the repeated impacts created by tracked construction equipment moving in and out of the service bay. Different bonding agents were also needed because of the nature and design of the structure since the exterior part had to withstand freeze/thaw cycling and be breathable, the interior part did not have that constraint.


Sika solution

Flooring material had to be able to withstand the enormous point load, and abrasion caused by the steel tracks of construction equipment when being unloaded from a trailer and driven into the maintenance garage. The only product that could take this kind of abuse and traffic was the Sika® EmeriCrete Topping notably thanks to its non-metallic formulation (emery aggregate do not oxidize and therefore provide a longer service life to the floor). Different bonding agents also had to be used to bond the new topping to the existing concrete floor and exterior approach ramp to resurface both areas for these heavy-duty pieces of equipment. 

Sika products used