Drummondville, QC

Application of a specially formulated floor system for electrostatic energy control (ESD) and chemical resistance in a composite and polymer adhesives production area. 

Project requirements

The work involved the removal of the existing floor covering which no longer met the performance and safety requirements for this type of facility, repairs to the substrate and application of the ESD system.

electrostatic energy contorl-resin application-flooring project

Challenges encountered

Speed of execution to minimise production downtime and, consequently, work sequencing (removal of the existing coating, repair of the substrate and application of the final floor coating). 

electrostatic energy contorl-resin systems-flooring project

Why this product choice

A flooring system that perfectly met the specifications set by the company for this project, notably by combining performance, safety, and aesthetics.

flooring resin curing-floor systems-flooring projects

Project details

Sika Technical Sales Representative

Eric Ouellet:

[email protected]


Scellement Flextech  


February 2022


2 weeks


Drummondville, QC


5 000 ft2

Sika products used