Sikagard® Duroplast EE

Sikagard® Duroplast® EE is a two-part, high performance blockfiller designed to prime and fill small pours and reduce surface irregularities on properly prepared walls and ceilings. It serves to fill voids on porous surfaces and improve both the adhesion and appearance of high quality Sikagard® Duroplast® finishes that will be exposed to high levels of moisture in service.

  • ƒƒMaterial is convenient to proportion, 1:1 by volume resin to hardener ratio.
  • Low odour and low VOC.
  • Excellent bond and adhesion promotion.
  • Superior moisture resistance.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Good bridging and filling properties.
  • Good hiding capacity.
  • Provides a more uniform even surface to coat.
  • Fully compatible with Sikagard® Duroplast® finishes.
  • Clean-up with water.
  • LEED® Canada compliant < 100 g/L.