King® HLM-500 C Series

KING HLM-500 C-Series is a pre-mixed and pre-bagged mortar specially designed to be used when laying masonry units in an historic preservation or for a new construction project. This product is composed of natural hydraulic lime, natural Type S air lime, sand containing particles varying from 0 mm (0”) to 5 mm (0.2”) [coarser than usual masonry sand)], and an air-entraining agent. It is off-white in colour, and may be coloured in the factory or on the job-site using the Colour Plus System exclusive to KING.

  • Contains no cement
  • Formula similar to historic mortar
  • Excellent water vapour transmission properties
  • Ideal for joints larger than 10 mm (0.4”)
  • Better resistance to freeze-thaw cycles than air lime
  • Better resistance to de-icing salts than air lime
  • Pre-mixed, which reduces time mixing on site, ensures good proportions and guarantees a homogeneous mortar throughout the project