Colorplete® is a premium quality, pre-mixed and ready to use, pigmented, broadcast-applied, dry shake floor hardener designed for incorporation into the surface of freshly placed concrete slabs. It provides a decorative coloured effect, with increased surface strength and abrasion resistance. Colorplete® consists of carefully graded non-metallic, hard wearing silica-quartz aggregates, pure metallic oxide pigments, pre-blended wetting agents and cement. Its non-rusting characteristic makes it suitable for application in wet and dry service areas. 

  • Aesthetic, durable, coloured concrete surface provides a lower life cycle cost than painted floors
  • Increased wear resistance provides up to twice the relative serviceable life compared to plain concrete
  • Improved overall resistance to abrasion and impact
  • Increased surface density improves resistance to oils, grease, and liquid penetration
  • Reduces surface wear and dusting lowering routine maintenance and repair costs
  • Non-rusting materials make it suitable for application in wet areas
  • Can be finished with a surface texture to provide increased traction
  • Suppresses the appearance of fibres on the surface of the concrete