Sika® EmeriCrete® SH


Sika® EmeriCrete® SH is a premium quality, broadcast-applied dry shake surface hardener recommended for heavy-duty wet and dry services areas. It contains carefully graded, non-rusting, natural emery aggregates, pre-blended with wetting agents and cement to provide the most durable, abrasion and impact resistant finish using mineral aggregates. The high aluminium oxide (> 58 %) and iron oxide content of the emery particles provide toughness but avoids brittleness. Sika® EmeriCrete® SH is pre-mixed and ready-to-use.

  • Highest level of abrasion and impact resistance from a mineral aggregate
  • Increased surface density improves resistance to oil, grease and liquid penetration
  • Reduces surface wear and dusting lowering routine maintenance and repair costs
  • Non-rusting materials make it suitable for application in wet and dry areas
  • Unaffected by intense heat - maximum 290 °C (554 °F)
  • Can be finished with a surface texture to provide increased traction
  • Suppresses the appearance of fibres on the surface of the concrete