Sika® Loadflex-524 EZ

(Replaces Sika Loadflex Polyurea)
Sika® Loadflex®-524 EZ is a technologically advanced, two-component, quick-setting, semirigid, solvent-free, self-levelling control joint filler.

  • Quick-set formula reduces down time.
  • Excess material can be shaved off smooth as early as 15 minutes or as late as 24 hours after placement at 23°C (73°F).
  • Cures at temperatures down to -25°C (-13°F).
  • Hard, load-bearing filler designed to withstand industrial traffic.
  • Provides even load transfer across floor joints, thereby protecting joint edges from breaking down under traffic.
  • Two components, easy to use, 1:1 mix ratio.
  • Improved consistency to allow easier dispensing and reduced blockage of equipment.
  • Seals joints from collecting dirt, dust and debris.
  • Improved moisture sensitivity.
  • Approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.