SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Lithium Densifier MP

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Lithium Densifier MP is a VOC-free, cost-effective treatment that will extend the nominal service life of concrete floors and reduce ongoing floor maintenance costs. It is a penetrating, chemically reactive, semitransparent liquid applied to new or existing, interior architectural and industrial concrete surfaces to increase surface density, reduce dusting and improve overall surface durability. It is also commonly used during polishing operations to prepare and enhance cementitious surfaces for high gloss diamond polishing. SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Lithium Densifier MP is specifically formulated for use with SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Liquid Dye Concentrate and SCOFIELD Formula One Guard W as part of a three step process to add colour to the plain interior concrete floors.

  • Reduces permeability to liquids, while allowing the surface to breathe
  • Economical product that is easy to apply
  • Penetrates and reacts within the concrete pores to seal the surface; does not produce a surface film that can peel
  • Product does not contain sodium silicate or potassium silicate; will not leave a whitish surface bloom characteristic of none architectural silicate products
  • Provides longer life and higher reflectivity for ground and polished concrete of all grades and classes
  • Can be diluted on-site with water according to the porosity of the substrate
  • Creates aesthetic, environmentally sound and easy to maintain surfaces
  • Potential of LEED credits (Indoor Environmental Quality, Credit 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials: Paints & Coatings)
  • Meets the requirements of CFIA and USDA for use in food plants
SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Lithium Densifier MP