Discover our Flooring Innovations

Your new Wall Coating Solution

Sikagard® Duroplast® -150 N

Contains high performance resins that naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds, mildew and fungi for the lifetime of the coating.

  • Superior resistance to UV colour change compared to other epoxy coatings
  • High solids, low VOC, low odour

New Breathable Coating

Sikafloor®-2540 W NA

Sikafloor®-2540 W NA is a two-component, breathable, low VOC, low odour, water-based, pigmented epoxy coating available in three gloss levels and in an unlimited colour range.

  • Breathable - permeable to water vapour.
  • Suitable for application on high moisture concrete substrates, not exceeding 6 % part by weight.
  • Meets CFIA and USDA requirements for use in food plants.

A new texturing agent

Sikafloor®-4 Texture

Sikafloor®-4 Texture is a finely graded, spherical shaped ceramic bead texturing agent.

  • Low specific gravity reduces bottom settling making it easy to mix and apply.
  •  Contains no crystalline silica.
  • ƒHigh wear resistance to heavy foot traffic and rubber wheeled carts.
    ƒ Spherical shaped particles produce a fine surface texture that is easy to clean and maintain.


Sikafloor®-317 UV

Clear, non-yellowing, aliphatic polyurethane and water-based top coats, with a new UV blocker technology for floors and walls.

  • Sikafloor®-317 UV
  • Quick curing, tack-free and hard in less than one (1) hour for fast return to service.
  • Meets the requirements of CFIA for use in food plants.