Sikalastic®-390 Membrane

Sikalastic®-390 Membrane is a high quality, fast chemical curing, two-component, solvent-free, elastomeric and crackbridging polyurethane waterproofing membrane. It is part of the Sikalastic® Parking Deck Waterproofing System and the Sikafloor® Industrial and Decorative Flooring Systems.

  • Easy to apply for an economical application
  • Highly resistant waterproof elastomer
  • Solvent-free formula emitting low odours and contributing for a safer working envrionment
  • Fast-curing for accelerated turnaround thus reducing duration of shutdowns
  • Pre-measured packaging facilitating mixing process and reducing risk of using wrong mixing ratio
  • Crack-bridging membrane minimizing the appearance of crack formation and reducing the need to make local repairs
  • Complies with CAN/CSA-S413 -07 (ASTM C957) for Parking Structures
Sikalastic®-390 Membrane