Sikafloor® Level-25

Sikafloor® Level-25CA is a one component, polymer modified, versatile and durable floor pumpable cementitious screed for interior concrete floors which can be applied manually or by pump to achieve rapid, flat, economic substrate levelling prior to the application of the final floor finish. Typical application thickness 5 - 25 mm (3/16 - 1 in).

  • ƒƒSelf-levelling and highly fluid
  • ƒƒPumpable or manual application
  • ƒƒLevels and renovates old floors
  • ƒƒRapid drying
  • 4 hour walk on time [23 °C (73 °F)]
  • ƒƒExcellent underlay for tiles, sheet systems and wood floor bonding systems
  • Excellent underlay for resin flooring
  • ƒƒLow odour
  • ƒƒMay be used as a wearing surface
Sikafloor® Level-25