Sikafloor® Quartzite Trowel System


Sikafloor® Quartzite Trowel System is a seamless, aesthetic, 3 mm to 6 mm (⅛ in - ¼ in) thick, trowelled and sealed epoxy floor, composed of multicoloured quartz aggregates finished with transparent topcoats. The system provides a durable, impermeable finish with superior mechanical and stain resistance.    Optional (specified separately) advanced technology Sikafloor® water-clear epoxy, polyaspartic or polyurethane topcoats are available to alter surface sheen (high-gloss, satin, or matte), or improve long term UV stability, and create a wide range of custom slip-resistant improved traction finishes.

  • Rejuvenates existing or protects new concrete
  • Durable, Impermeable, and seamless
  • Glossy superior aesthetic finish
  • Superior mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Does not support growth of bacteria or fungus
  • High density prevents dirt penetration, which provides a cleaner, more sanitary work environment
  • Variable surface texture to produce a range of slip-resistant improved traction finishes
  • Low odour / low VOC content allows application in occupied buildings
  • Optional Integral cove base without seams or joints
  • Optional high-gloss, satin, or matte finish top coats
  • Optional crack bridging, flexible membrane available
  • Twelve (12) standard multicoloured quartz patterns
  • Virtually endless variety of custom multicoloured quartz color combinations
Sikafloor® Quartzite Trowel System