Economical, Trowel-Grade, Polyurethane Adhesive for Wood Flooring

  • Suitable for common types of wood flooring.
  • Compatible with in-floor, radiant heating.
  • Eliminates need for sleepers and plywood over concrete and gypsum substrates.
  • Low odour; user- and air quality-friendly
  • Formulated to be extremely easy to trowel, thus preventing arm strain.
  • Fast curing, accelerating installation time and use of floor.
  • 170% elongation, accommodating anticipated dynamics of differing wood species
  • Permanently elastic, avoiding embrittlement and loss of adhesion associated with other types of adhesive.
  • Footfall-sound-dampening adhesive, creating a quieter environment.
  • Contains no water; will not affect wood or cause it to swell.