Quality First

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Inspections and audits are core elements of Sika’s comprehensive management system. They provide management at Group, regional, and local company level with a regular, independent assessment on whether activities in scope comply with official requirements, as well as with Sika’s own internal guidelines, principles, and risk management specifications. The inspections and audits thereby ensure the effectiveness of the relevant processes and controls at Sika.

Audits are performed by various assurance functions across the Group covering quality, environment, safety, health, risk, technology, application, legal and compliance, branding, IT security, suppliers, and products. The results and subsequent corrective actions of these audits are regularly presented to Group Management.

Besides those assurance functions, an independent Corporate Internal Audit function, reporting to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, validates the effectiveness of internal controls in both legal entity audits and reviews of Group processes and functions. In total, Sika conducted 181 audits, including 22 internal audits, 69 supplier audits, and 14 quality audits in 2019. Associated improvements were implemented wherever necessary.

To ensure that suppliers also meet the official requirements and labor standards, they are asked to perform self-assessments. Sika also performs supplier audits when required. In the year under review, all new suppliers were assessed according to the vendor evaluation process. Most of these audits are reviewed by safety, quality, or technology experts. This enhances continuous improvements in collaboration with suppliers, including sustainability aspects.
Being a key supplier in the automotive and industrial sectors,

Sika is regularly subjected to external audits. These audits are designed to ensure compliance with international labor standards,
and quality, environment, safety, and health requirements.