Local Community Engagement

As a socially responsible company, Sika supports local communities. Community engagement for Sika is the process of working collaboratively with neighborhoods to address issues affecting the well-being of its residents. This engagement is the driver to bring social, environmental, and behavioural changes that will improve the lives of the communities and its members. This involves partnerships with NGOs and associations that help mobilize resources and influence the prospects of those neighborhoods in a positive way. Sika defines “communities” as non-commercial stakeholder groups of local companies, neighborhoods, educational institutions bringing forward social activities and projects, environmental programs, and the development of recovering programs.

Community engagement is important to Sika and its communities for the following reasons:

Sika Communities/Local Citizens
  • Increased trust: working together improves communication and understanding of mutual points of view.
  • Empowerment and integration: underprivileged stakeholders can gain greater control over their lives and improve their situation on a sustained basis. 
  • “Good Corporate Citizenship”: commitment to social issues demonstrates Sika’s responsibility to society.
  • Providing more effective local solutions: drawing on Sika knowledge leads to practical and effective solutions.
  • Awareness and mutual understanding: increase awareness and understanding of Sika’s values and expertise locally.
  • Improved knowledge and skills in problem solving: individuals learn about issues in-depth through experience.
  • Broaden local networks: shared projects help to support collaborative efforts and to envisage further social and business-related projects.
  • Access to valuable services and activities: community members can develop capabilities that enable them to be an active part of society and to contribute to the community itself.

 “Sika Cares” Community Engagement Program

The “Sika Cares” community engagement program focuses on improving the quality of life of children, adults, and families in the local communities in which Sika operates worldwide. The program started in 2019 to give back to the communities Sika teams are operating in. Sika staff enjoys the intangible benefit of giving a feeling of connectedness and the satisfaction of trying to make the world a better place. The company aims to support local third parties to help people to develop themselves. With this program, Sika companies ensure that local community members have access to valued social settings and activities, that Sika staff can contribute meaningfully to those activities through volunteering work, and that functional capabilities are provided to enable individuals to participate in their communities. To achieve this goal, co-operation with and support for existing and professional charity organizations is given priority. In 2021, Sika started to develop a guideline on how to select, plan and run social community engagement projects. The content of this guideline has been developed in co-operation with a set of pilot countries and an external expert who is part of the Sika Sustainability Advisory Board. Sika Cares is focusing on the following three areas:


Investment in good education gives young people the most important tool they need to lead an independent life. Sika works to ensure that disadvantaged children and young people get a genuine chance in life.


The health and dynamism of communities also depends on the infrastructure in place for people and the environment. This is where Sika comes in with its expertise and product solutions.


Sika employees support projects which link social causes with ecological interests