Financial stability and long-term profitability ensure that Sika remains a reliable and value-adding partner for all its stakeholders now and in the future. Economic performance represents an important cornerstone in maintaining global technology leadership by assuring continued investment in R&D as well as the ability to stay close to customers and serve all markets in every development stage with sustainable high-performing products and solutions.

Sika Solutions for all Markets

Economic strength enables Sika to share created value with its various stakeholders:

Develop high-performing products to its customers
Be a reliable employer
Provide attractive, long-term shareholder return
Be a responsible taxpayer, and
A good corporate citizen that helps communities to flourish.

Direct Economic Value Generated and Distributed

Sika creates sustainable value for its customers, the supply chain, and other stakeholders to whom derived economic value is distributed.

This includes governments through taxes, employees through compensation and benefits, shareholders through dividends, suppliers and service providers through raw material and service prices, and society through taxes and local community projects.

Part of the value earned is retained in the company for further development of new technologies, acquisitions, capital investments, and to maintain a certain amount of independence from capital market fluctuations