Sika Canada in partnership with local businesses geared up for an ambitious community project that will support and strengthen social ties in the beautiful town of Pont Rouge. On August 2, 3 and 4, Sika’s volunteer employees joined forces to bring their expertise and skills to this renovation and design project.

Sika Renovates The Pont-Rouge Youth Center

The Youth Centre renovation project created an inviting, inspiring, and safe space for young people of our community. This establishment is a meeting and sharing space where youths can explore passions, develop skills, and forge lasting friendships. Unfortunately, the Youth Centre needed renovations to continue to offer a positive and stimulating space. This is why Sika and its partners joined forces to support this project.


The plan for this project was to completely redesign the outdoor space, relocating the firewood storage to create a pergola area with a BBQ, swings and more. A dedicated area for educators was created and grass was planted throughout the backyard. In addition, minor repairs were planned to a few damaged exterior installations, such as the stairs leading to the backyard.

Role of Sika and its Partners

As part of this renovation project, Sika and its partners committed to supplying all the materials required to refurbish the Youth Centre. In addition, our volunteer employees joined the construction team to help with the renovation and decoration work. Together, we brought our expertise and dedication to create a warm and dynamic space that will stimulate creativity and self-fulfillment of the young people of Pont Rouge.

Together, we joined forces to give the young people of Pont Rouge a space where they can grow, share, and learn, and where they can build a promising future.

"Sika is a committed company that places great importance in social responsibility. We are proud to contribute to the development of our community and to support local projects that have a positive impact on the lives of residents. " Richard Aubertin, General Manager, Sika Canada