Together for Sustainability: Assessment and Evaluation of Sustainability Performance

Together for Sustainability

Sika is a member of the ‘Together for Sustainability’ (TfS) initiative. The organization, founded in 2011, aims to improve sustainability practice within the supply chain of the chemicals industry. Sustainability is a key feature and a central element of Sika’s growth strategy.

With this membership, Sika sets clear targets for compliance with sustainability and quality standards in procurement and within the supply chain. The TfS program is based on the UN Global Compact and Responsible Care® principles, and allows Sika to assess and evaluate the performance of its suppliers in various aspects. This includes environmental, labor & human rights, ethical and sustainable procurement performance in order to achieve measurable improvements and its own sustainability performance.

Sika's overriding goal is to reduce CO2 emissions per ton manufactured by 12% until 2023. Climate Performance is one of the target areas of Sika’s Growth Strategy 2023. Due to the importance of the topic, Sika is processing CO2 reduction programs covering all regions and countries.

EcoVadis CSR Rating: Gold for Sika

Sika has been awarded a Gold medal as a recognition of their EcoVadis CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rating.  The assessment focuses on 21 issues, which are grouped into 4 themes: Environment (ENV), Labor Practices & Human Rights (LAB), Fair Business Practices (FBP), and Sustainable Procurement (SUP).