Windsor, Ontario

BNE Concrete Floors & Coatings was approached by the ownership group of 401 Truck Source to provide some recommendations on a new facility they had purchased on Moro Street in Windsor. What was an old machine shop would now be transformed into a heavy truck body repair bay on one side approx. 650 m2 (7 000 ft2) and a passenger vehicle body and paint repair bay on the second side, approx. 740 m2 (8 000 ft2).

Project requirements

The owners were concerned about giving this repurposed facility a professional appearance. The concrete was pitted and damaged from its previous life. Some areas particularly badly damaged had to be removed and repaired with new concrete.

Surface preparation

Before applying the resin different steps have been taken to prepare the surface including Grinding and shotblasting.

surface preparation-grinding-flooring project
grinding-surface preparation-flooring project
surface preparation-dust removal-flooring projet
surface preparation-flooring project


Sika solution

In order to meet the customer requirements for heavy-duty service, a Sikafloor® Morritex® system with double broadcast was recommended.

  • Spot patching: Sikafloor®-156CA and Sikafloor® PT Aggregate
  • Prime coat: Sikafloor®-156CA
  • Topcoats: Sikafloor®-261CA (applied in 2 lifts, with 56 mesh quartz sand broadcast at each coat)
  • Grout coat: Sikafloor®-2002
  • Chemical protection: Sikafloor® Duochem-942


Why this product choice

Sika Solutions allowed for a combination of performance and aesthetics that the customer was looking for.

For some added flair and aesthetics, the owners decided to add Sikafloor® Decoflake® system on top of the Morritex® broadcast. The base coat, made up of Sikafloor-261®CA, was broadcast using a blower, with Sikafloor® Decoflake® chips, then a grout coat of Sikafloor®-2002 and a topcoat of Sikafloor® Duochem-942 (for chemical protection) were applied. The borders were done using a contrasting darker grey version of Sikafloor-261®CA and finally yellow safety markings were painted. The end result is an amazing transformation of the facility and a stunning looking autobody service bay with the floor emerging as the centre piece

Project details

Sika Technical Sales Representative

Bryan McKee:

[email protected]


BNE Concrete Floors & Coatings


Fall of 2017


3 weeks


1740 Moro Dr. Windsor (ON )


Approx. 1 400 m2 (15 000 ft2)

Sika products used