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  • Don't let winter paralyse your jobsite!

    Don't let winter paralyse your jobsite!

    With temperatures around or below 0 °C for about 5 month, building, repairing or even maintaining any type of structure or infrastructure becomes an increasingly complex task.

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  • Gotthard Base Tunnel - Project of the Century

    Gotthard Base Tunnel - Project of the Century

    As the world's longest rail tunnel, the 57 km-long structure is both a novelty and a tour-de-force in tunnel engineering which forms the centerpiece of the new transalpine rail route (NEAT).

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    The technical, sales and support functions of Sika Canada are organized around the concept of 'Target Markets' in order to provide informed experience, knowledge and assistance to customers.

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    As a world leader in the manufacture and supply of construction materials, Sika constantly aims at developing and promoting environmentally friendly products for buildings, infrastructures and the automotive industry. Sika’s solutions address the major trends that mankind is currently experiencing.

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